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Please take a moment to provide a quick review of service I have provided for you. As a realtor, my business is based almost exclusively on referrals. So let's not keep ME a secret ! This feedback will help me improve and provide the best possible service to the Tampa Bay real estate community in the future.  Thanks, Kim.

Back in the 90’s I moved from the mid west to Florida and decided to change careers. After years in food service and hospitality I was hoping for a change that would give me a little more time with my family. While still being part of a customer service industry, this along with my passion for houses lead me into a new and satisfying career in Real estate. Then in the 2000’s the housing industry crashed. So many realtors and companies downsized or just went out of business. My husband, a home inspector, was in the same situation. To sustain our careers and our family we looked for parallel opportunities. Even though we had flipped several houses in the past, flipping wasn’t an option during this crash.

We found there was a need for many new types of inspections. wind mitigation that taught us more about housing insurance, and how to help both buyers and sellers navigate weatherization that taught us more about programs available to home owners to help save energy costs for their homes and where to guide them for more information energy star/ herrs inspections that taught us how new homes were being built and what state requirements for energy are becoming. Working closely with the builders has made me more knowledgeable how to get the most for a buyer along with what different builders offer out of the need to make a living I have sharpened the skills to make myself a better realtor to be able to guide a buyer and seller thru all aspects of process of buying and selling real estate in types of market situations. ‍‍‍

‍‍‍“A strong team, lots of knowledge and a

passion for peo‍‍‍ple realizing their dreams.

That’s what I bring to the table.”

From the moment I met Kim at an open house on the first day of looking for a new home, I knew she would be the one to guide me through my journey. Kim listened to exactly what my daughter and I needed and made "magic" happen in each phase of my home buying. She was the sole reason my home buying experience was positive, seamless and fun. She not only impressed me and my daughter but also everyone she connected with, ‍‍‍my mortgage broker, my HOA Manager at my new home, my Insurance company and the Title Company. She has a new cheerleader in business but most importantly a friend for life, thank you for being you...amazing!

Valerie L, purchased a home in Tampa‍‍‍‍‍‍ 2017