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We don't  just talk the talk, we walk the walk. Invest with us, and you will have access to EXPERTS

‍‍‍                        who are in the field, in the trenches, investing in real estate 7 days a week.‍‍‍

You might be amazed to find out that most of the real estate companies in the Tampa area who will try to convince you to buy properties from them have never actually bought and sold a property themselves! That’s certainly not the case with US! With a minimum of  5 full renovation projects going on at all times, w‍‍‍e are the team that is right there in the trenches with you. As a result, we understand every intricate details that goes into renovating properties, managing a rental portfolio, and we have a superior knowledge of the market in real time. Here are some of our success stories.‍‍‍

1206 E Norfolk St Tampa – 33604

SOLD price             $258,000

Purchase price       $  79,000

Renovations           $  75,000

------------------------------- Gross Profit             $104,‍‍‍000‍‍‍

This 1920’s bungalow style home was in serious disrepair when we stepped onto the scene. Our crews tackled the project by replacing just about everything, down to the floor joists. The finished product was truly a masterpiece, and the long haul produced a healthy ROI!

3909 W. Oklahoma Ave Tampa – 33616

SOLD Price                   $224,000

Purchase Price             $145,000

Renovations                 $40,000


Gross Profit                  $39,000

This south home had good bones, and we brought it back to life. Not a home run, but a good solid profit after running into some unexpected issues with the plumbing.

10114 N. Hyacinth Ave Tampa – 33612

SOLD Price                   $74,000‍‍‍

Purchase Price             $40,500

Renovations                 $10,000‍‍‍


Gross Profit                  $23,500

This block duplex needed light rehab, and our team replaced flooring, added baseboard heat, and painted the interior & exterior. After placing tenants, we used one of our popular strategies of offering a turn key cash flow income solution for one of our local investors who simply wants to “set it and forget it.” With $1,400 in monthly rental income & separate meters for all utilities, this property brings in a rock solid 18% net cap rate for one lucky investors.

more completed pi‍‍‍ctures

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115 W. Hollywood Ave Tampa – 33604

SOLD Price                   $166,900

SOLD Price of lot       $ 52,900

Purchase Price             $57,000

Renovations                 $53,000

Subdivision costs        $3,000


Gross Profit                  $106,800

This frame home on a double lot was in need of total repair. First, we separated the lots and sold the vacant lot. Simultaneously we overhauled this entire property and added 300 sq ft of living space that eventually became the master retreat. Truly a win in both the quality of the renovation, as well as the brain power of our team to execute the subdivision & sale of the vacant lot.